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Jolee Picks


Jolee Picks is a group of four professional sports bettors that have over 50 years of combined experience. We have over 35 different models that cover NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, PGA and more.

We model every game in major sports and create our own lines. Our bankroll management system is one of the best money can pay for. We use a 1-3 unit system with 3 units being our max bet. We have hit our 3 unit bets over 60% in the last two years. We have profited in 21 of the last 24 months with an average ROI of 7% per month.

We work day in and day out to find the lines and matchups we see value in. We've been doing this for years and are consistently profitable. If you are ready to get serious about making money gambling on sports, subscribe now below.

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MLB 2022 Results (As of 6/22/22)


Updated Recent Results (As of 6/22/22)

Last 7 days: 24-9 (73%) +13.37 units 25.71% ROI

Last 30 days: 94-70-1 (57%) +30.25 units 11.72% ROI

Since 3/1/2021: 1376-1075-13 (56%) +305.05 units 8.85% ROI

Whale Plays Last 20: 14-6

Updated Results By Sport (As of 6/22/22)

MLB: 586-480-5 (55%) +116.06 units 7.29% ROI

NCAAB: 383-284-4 (57%) +93.63 units 10.63%ROI

NCAAF: 82-64-1 (57%) +24.59 units 11.61% ROI

NFL: 101-67-2 (60%) +33.25 units 12.74% ROI

NBA: 203-166-1 (56%) +25.66 units 5.94% ROI

NHL 20-14 (59%) +10.09 units 19.41% ROI

Do you want to make money consistently on sports betting?

Our team of four recent college graduates uses statistical analysis to beat the betting system at a consistent 58% of the time. We have mastered the art of predictive analysis having more than five models for every sport we bet on. Our method of diversification and allocation consistently picks up winners. Keep the emotions out and always rely on the numbers. 

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Why Us?

At Jolee Picks, we are dedicated to providing the best sports predictions and customer service in the world. Our models use data that is updated daily and we create our own lines for every sport. We bet on the games our models predict have the biggest leans. On picks with >85% chance of winning, we will risk 3 units (WHALE PLAY). 


#1 Growing Sport Handicapping Company

Jolee Picks is the #1 growing sports handicapping business in the past 2 years with over 300 members in 2021. More sports bettors trust Jolee Picks than any other handicapping service.

Winning Picks

Our goal is simple: help you win more. While we won't claim extremely high (unrealistic) winning percentages, no one wins more than us.


Sincere & Dependable

We distinguish our self because we value our customers. In this industry, there are a lot of people trying to take people’s money and give them back lousy picks, but we’re different. Our picks are well researched and analyzed by every team member. We NEVER give you picks based on hunches. 


Great Customer Service

Every team member is connected to our email account: and we will reply within an hour. We give refunds if there are any issues in receiving your picks.


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